'gigi and the dragonfly' 
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“Writing Gentle was therapy for me! I’d been wanting to express my anxiety about the impacts of climate change on Mother Earth for so long, but I could never really find the right words. ” Georgia Mae


“I wanted to make a song about a ‘normal’ love that was also euphoric, like being “high”, as I used to have this unconscious belief that ‘normal’ and ‘euphoric’ were impossible partners.” - Georgia Mae

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In the Northern NSW town of Lismore, the “purple house” was a local landmark in the nineties. It’s here where Georgia Mae grew up surrounded by colour – a green kitchen, blue bedroom and yellow living room. It’s also here where Mae shaped her eclectic taste in music listening to Pink Floyd, Crowded House and Kate Bush, where she started taking piano lessons and where she learnt the art of storytelling from her writer mother.

In a way, the purple house shaped me as a person; it taught me to not be afraid of being colourful or standing out,” says Mae.

At age four, Mae wrote her very first song sitting at the piano in the purple house. The song was called ‘Love Tree’ and Mae still remembers the chords and lyrics:

When I look into your eyes

I see the colour of the sky

And sometimes I see you and me

Together in a Love Tree


Since her early days as a lyrical prodigy in Lismore, music has taken Mae to Brisbane where she studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and was nominated for the state’s ‘Most Promising Female Songwriter’ and ‘Best Female Pop Artist’ at the Queensland Music Awards in 2016.

It’s also taken her overseas; to Los Angeles where she landed a role as a writer and recording artist on television shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, to San Francisco where she worked in sound design at the illustrious Skywalker Sound and Warner Bros. Studios, and to the Arizona desert where the rumblings of her debut EP first stirred.


In 2019, Georgia signed a record deal with Lemon Tree Records via Sony Music Entertainment Australia and got to work releasing singles. 

Georgia's next single, Gentle, could be mistaken for a pop hit about young love, but it’s actually an ode to Mother Earth and a rally cry for action on the Climate Crisis. The track starts on Mae’s “parent’s porch back home” thinking about what it would have been like 10,000 years ago when the sky was clearer, the reef was alive, and the bush wasn’t burnt.